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Energy 100FM & Perfect events presents a red square festival

Date: 24 August 2012
Place: Lollipop
Damage: N$ 50
DJ's Titi Pain & Jossy Joss

Date: 25 August 2012
Place: Omotuli Bar
Damage: N$ 20
First 100 ladies get free red squares

Energy 100FM and Perfect Events presents the Sky is the limit Party

Energy 100FM and Perfect Events presents the Sky is the limit Party

Date: 03 August 2012
Damage: N$ 60 Before 11pm

DJ CHOICE (Woza, Sky is the limit)
Other acts: KBoz, Flava, Curtis, Charma, Wonderful

Energy 100FM and Perfect Events presents Friday Night Fever Glow Party

Date: 20 July 2012
Damage: N$ 50 before 12pm for males and N$ 30 for ladies before 11pm

DJ's Flava, Jossy, Curtis Wonderful & Fantasy

Perfect events and Energy 100Fm presents "YOLO party"

Date: 06 July 2012
Place: Chez Ntemba VIP Lounge
Damage: N$50-00 Gents till 12pm, N$30-00 till 11PM
Dress code: Always Smart

DJ's: Charlie 911, Flava, Jossy Joss, Kboz

FREE shooter all night long

Monaco Lounge presents DJ Zinhle

Date: 09 June 2012
Damage: N$ 80 before 10pm

Dance House Top 10 with DJ Jan

Elsabe Tibinyane

10. Chikune - Set Me Free (Remix)
09. The Dog - Chip in Chip Out
08. Sally Boss Madam - Penga

07. DJ Dozza - House on Fire
06. Makurunganga - Wera
05. Jeiyo ft Gazza - Too Much

04. Msunday - Show Me
03. DJ Siya - Zumba
02. Tate Buti ft DJ Style - Vrr Pa

01. Checkie Nanjebo ft Hil's & Glo - Let's Have Fun

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