Tug tender loser wants info from ACC probe


A TENDERER which is challenging NamPort’s decision to award a multi-million dollar contract for the supply of a new tugboat for the Walvis Bay harbour now wants to get access to information which the Anti-Corruption gathered during its investigation of the matter.

Why Mandela still matters to South Africans fearful for future


When Nelson Mandela was admitted to hospital, South Africans took a deep breath and prepared themselves for the worst. Despite the government issuing statements telling concerned citizens not to panic, they did. Mandela holds such a special place in South African's hearts that they fortify themselves with the inevitable day when he takes his last breath.

Education and training weapons against poverty: Angula


Prime Minister Nahas Angula says education and training are the best weapons against poverty, unemployment and inequality in the country.
Angula said this at the Uukule Secondary School in the Onyaanya Constituency of the Oshikoto Region, where he officiated at the annual regional awards’ ceremony of the Oshikoto Education Directorate on Friday.
Four schools which offer Grade 10 in the directorate are said to have obtained a 100 per cent pass rate during the 2011 examinations.

Leonard Negonga


Ondangwa mayor Leonard Negonga says the town is growing rapidly in terms of infrastructural development.
Addressing the first council meeting of the year at the town last Thursday, he said “we can observe the development of many shopping malls such as Punyu, Yetu, the two Time Square complexes, Huhu City Complex, Epale, 6000 Complex and Olunkono.”
The Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, Jerry Ekandjo, is anticipated to officially inaugurate the Time Square complexes on Monday.

A man who allegedly murdered his girlfriend by slitting her throat with a pocket knife in Katima Mulilo made his first appearance in the magistrate's court


A man who allegedly murdered his girlfriend by slitting her throat with a pocket knife in Katima Mulilo on Valentine’s Day, made his first appearance in the magistrate's court there.

The 33-year-old Sunnyboy Mbeha, who had been on the run since he allegedly committed the offence, appeared before court yesterday morning on a charge of murder.

Hip Hop R&B Top 10 with Nashawn - Wednesday 20h00 - 21h00

Elsabe Tibinyane

10. Salvador - Sideline
09. Sunny Boy - Week In Week Out
08. Mr. Blos - Feel Alright

07. N.I.A - Trying Times
06. JBentley - Run This Show
05. KK - Khaima


04. Shaeto - Special Thing
03. JBlack - Paralyzed
02. D-Jay - Promises

01. Michael Pulse - Bye Bye

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