About 170 children diagnosed with cancer in 2017


About 170 children have been diagnosed with cancer this year alone.

Speaking to Nampa recently, Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) Chief Executive Officer, Rolf Hansen said the "unfortunate reality" is that statistics of childhood cancer have risen in the last three years from incidents of 90-114 cases per years to 154-170 cases per annum.

More than 30 babies born in Windhoek on Christmas


Thirty-six babies were born in Windhoek on Christmas Day.

The Katutura State Hospital recorded 17 births - the highest number of babies born at a Windhoek hospital.

According to statistics availed to Nampa on Tuesday, 16 babies were born at the Windhoek Central Hospital, while the Rhino Park Private Hospital recorded three births.

An equal amount of boys and girls were born (18).

Nine girls were born at the Katutura State Hospital, seven at the Central Hospital and two at the Rhino Park Private Hospital.

More than 3 600 Namibians diagnosed with cancer in 2017


More than 3 600 people were diagnosed with cancer in Namibia this year.

Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) Chief Executive Officer, Rolf Hansen told Nampa in an interview Thursday at least 10 Namibians are diagnosed with cancer every day.

On average, between 3 000 and 3 200 Namibians are diagnosed per year, but this year the figure increased to between 3 600 and 3 700.

He said although there have been more cancer diagnoses this year, it does not necessarily have to be a negative thing as this also means more people are going for screening.

NamWater owed over N.dollars 800 million


The Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater) is owed over N.dollars 800 million in water bills by the Namibian public.

The millions are mostly owed by public entities including Government ministries, according to NamWater's Head of Public Relations and Communication Officer, Johannes Shigwedha, who spoke to Nampa on Thursday.

He said NamWater is in the process of selecting a special team that will work towards recovering the owed monies.

He said the massive bill owed to the water parastatal has been there forever, but that it would now work towards recovering every little cent.

Fifty-five per cent of full-time JSC candidates pass national exams


The preliminary results of the 2017 Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) national examinations were announced by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture here on Wednesday.

Education Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa revealed that 55 per cent, or 22 462 of the 40 599 full-time candidates who sat for the JSC national examinations, have qualified for Grade 11 in 2018.

This, according to Hanse-Himarwa, represents a 5.5 per cent increase in the number of candidates who met the Grade 11 requirements compared to 2016.

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