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Come 31st March all roads lead to the coast - Walvis Bay
... Save the date and let's go dance the night away on their Hit track Location also Isoka and so much more

Blaq Diamond makes way to Chez Ntemba VIP - Walvis Bay

It's going to be LIT!!!! So many Local Artist performing!!! You would not wanna miss out of this one taking place in the heart of Tura on 24th March!!


Make your way to Otjiwarongo for a day filled with adrenaline and smoke and the smell of burnt tyres on 24 MARCH 2018

You can book the bus with your friends and make it an eventful trip

Otjiwarongo Spin Fiesta

Swakopmund 2017 Summer House Festival with Global Entertainment powered by Energy 100FM

4th Annual Swakopmund 2017 Summer House Festival

Electronic Sports Fanatic?

Namibian Electronic Sports Association

Hip Hop R&B Top 10 with Nashawn - Wednesday 20h00 - 21h00

Elsabe Tibinyane

10. Salvador - Sideline
09. Sunny Boy - Week In Week Out
08. Mr. Blos - Feel Alright

07. N.I.A - Trying Times
06. JBentley - Run This Show
05. KK - Khaima


04. Shaeto - Special Thing
03. JBlack - Paralyzed
02. D-Jay - Promises

01. Michael Pulse - Bye Bye

Movie Releases

Marathon starts at 15:30...