Is Zimbabwe having a coup?


The Vice President, Emmerson Munangagwa and the commander of the Zimbabwe National Army General Constantine Chiwenga have dismissed alegations that they have been removed from power. In his speech General Chiwenga said if there is anyone to leave the party it is the first lady whome he said has no right to dismiss senior party members.

The General said if Mugabe and his wife continue perpetrating that kind of behaviour the Zimbabwe National Army would take over and arrest anyone who tries to subvert and violate the constitution which clearly does not speak much about powers of the first lady.

In his speech in the afternoon General Chiwenga said upholding the constitution is the major role of the army. "Firing the VP is not an issue of concern, but circumstances under which the dismissal took place are of great concern and this is a pure act of war ", he said.

If things are not rectified it could lead to grave situation.

The recently "fired" Zimbabwe Defence Forces Chief Constantine Chiwenga has reportedly openly told Pres Mugabe that V.P Emerson Mnangagwa is going nowhere.

Chiwenga has also refused to step down. Retired General Douglas Nyikayaramba is reportedly back at Zimbabwe National Army to oversee a military coup to remove Pres Mugabe.

Military and Police ready for a showdown. Most soldiers openly showing their dislike for Pres Robert Mugabe. United States, Israel and Lebanon has so far temporarily upgraded security and alert. The Embassy of Sweden has been closed temporarily.

Soldiers placed on leave have received immediate call ups. Tensions are high in military barracks.

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