Young Kasi talks "Discount"

Denzel Leroy //Naobeb

Ondangwa based kwaito boy band has released an 18 track album titled "Discount". They launched their album much pomp and fair in Ondangwa in August on the 21st, 2015.

The album features super producer Flame, Kwaito hopeful Bhukaid and veteran Buju. The boy band that consists of 3 singers and 2 dancers is tipped to make Namibians dance with radio favorite, "Ndanisa".

Dance House Top 10 with DJ Jan - Thursdays 20h00 - 21h00

Elsabe Tibinyane

10. Blossom - I will Always Be There
09. K3ynote - Hoe Smaak Dit
08. Arrafath - Grateful

07. Jeiyo - No Answer
06. Ama-Daz-Floor - Limbwesha
05. Suzy Eises - Friday

04. Makurunga - Djiki Djiki
03. KP Illest - If There Is Love
02. Bradley Anthony - Komesho

01. Kamalyenge - Blesser

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