Denzel Leroy //Naobeb

Not only is he on radio who first started out at the University of Namibia (UNAM's)main campus radio station, but he is also an IT expert who obtained a master's degree in Computer Science from University of South Africa.

Smoothie4Real first found his feet in radio while taking notes from the late Great Eddie Zondi. Though he only joined Energy 100FM in 2015, he is credited to be one of the pioneers of UNAM's radio station. In the pro ranks, he fondly recalls sharing the stage with the late Namibian darling, Nancy Muinjo aka ChiChi for the //Ae /Gams Art and Cultural Festival in 2005.

Smoothie4Real currently anchors 1 show: Total Control - Sundays 10am - 2pm.

As much as music is his love, books remain his passion. His motto? "Thinking outside the box theory is outdated, let's rather take that box and throw it away"

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