Psemas members' dependants asked to submit documentary proof


The Ministry of Finance intends to terminate the membership of dependants of Public Service Employee Medical Aid Scheme (Psemas) beneficiaries who are older than 21 and not studying or mentally or physically disabled.

A public notice issued on Monday by the ministry's Permanent Secretary, Ericah Shafudah said as part of the reform of the medical aid fund, Psemas members with dependants should submit documentary evidence that they are either studying or mentally or physically disabled.

Only upon submission of such documents will the dependant's membership be reactivated.

The notice said this is in line with the Public Service Act 13 of 1995, which stipulates that a Psemas member's child who is older than 21 will only be recognised as dependant if they are unmarried, not a member of any other medical aid fund and is a full-time, active student at a recognised tertiary institution or if they are mentally or physically disabled.

"Recognition of dependants will not exceed the end of the calendar year during which he or she turns 25 years old, unless mentally or physically disabled," the notice said.

Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein last month said Psemas will be remodelled "in a bid to sustain State funds and eliminate corruption, unethical behaviour and fraud."

The remodelling will include a biometric system and everyone who claims from Psemas will be identified via biometric cards that will be issued to them once they have been re-registered.

"Service providers will also be obliged to ensure that only members and their dependants are covered," he said.

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