Posting photos with dead wild animals on social media to be illegal


Posting photos of dead wild animals on social media platforms could be illegal soon.

Speaking at the launch of the revised national policy on human-wildlife conflict management here on Monday, Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta said the ministry is working on having the Nature Conservation Ordinance 4 of 1975 amended to prohibit and punish individuals who post photos with dead wild animals on social media.

Shifeta said punishment will apply to everyone, including those with hunting permits as "especially those with hunting permits applaud themselves by posting pictures with dead animals on social media after conservancy hunting."

The minister said the photos on social media misrepresent hunting in Namibia.

"Hunting is permitted by the Namibian Constitution. However, it is morally not correct to post such pictures. People can take pictures for private use only but not to post on social media," said Shifeta.

He further said sustainable harvesting of natural resources is a constitutional provision for the benefit of Namibians.

"We do not just start hunting the constitution allows us to hunt in a sustainable manner," the minister said.

He also said there is no policy in place that allows the public to keep wild animals in captivity and people should refrain from doing so.

"Wild animals should be allowed to live freely and develop naturally," said Shifeta.

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