Nujoma urges youth to participate in cultural activities


Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma has urged Namibian youth to participate in cultural activities and not to condemn such events as outdated.

Speaking during the official inauguration of the Okahao Baobab Tree as a National Heritage Site at Okahao town in the Omusati Region on Tuesday, the former president said a nation without cultural identity is like a tree without roots.

Nujoma also said the youth of Namibia should emulate the exemplary deeds of the country’s forbearers.
“Indeed, our country has a rich and proud history. Our forbearers, including our heroes and heroines, fought heroically against colonial invaders to restore our pride and dignity and chart our future destiny,” Nujoma stated.

The founding president said as future leaders of the country, the youth should promote the cultural heritage of the nation in order to forge a strong national cultural identity.

According to him, the promotion of cultural activities will lay a strong foundation upon which future generations can build on.
The former Namibian Head of State said he believes that the promotion of cultural values and norms will complement the country’s efforts to strengthen national unity and build a strong and prosperous nation.
Nujoma then commended the Okahao Town Council for preserving the historical site of the Okahao Baobab Tree and making it a tourist attraction.

The Okahao Baobab Tree is the site where Namibians from the surroundings were reportedly tortured and hanged by Apartheid South African colonial forces during the war of national liberation.
Apartheid colonial forces are said to have targeted those believed to be supporters of the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), Swapo’s military wing.

“This was done by the colonial forces, in an attempt to instil fear into the communities by threatening them to provide information on the whereabouts of the combatants of PLAN,” Nujoma explained.
Okahao Town Council with its own resources and financial assistance from the National Heritage Council of Namibia (NHC) developed the Okahao Baobab National Heritage site in order to incorporate economic development and community empowerment aspects to it.

The NHC declared the Okahao Baobab Tree site a national heritage site on 01 September 2011.
The Chairperson of the NHC, Werner Thaniseb also attended the official inauguration of the Okahao Baobab National Heritage site.

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