Nujoma pays tribute to Fidel Castro


Former President Sam Nujoma has described Fidel Castro as a legendary, revolutionary leader who has earned his place in modern history by his strong stance against imperialism and exceptional resilience against colonialism.

Former Cuban President Castro died on Friday at the age of 90.
In a media statement on Sunday, Nujoma hailed Castro's stance against the oppression of his people.

The founding father said Namibia shall forever remain grateful for the all-round political, diplomatic and material support rendered to the struggling people of Namibia, including in the fields of education and health, by the people of Cuba under the leadership of Castro.

“Though deeply grieved by the passing on of El Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, we celebrate his life dedicated to the generous service of his people and humanity at large. His revolutionary and tireless efforts to help free the oppressed people all over the world, has left indelible footprints which will be difficult to match,” he said.

Nujoma paid Castro a visit on 29 September 2016, during an official visit to Cuba.

He went on to say Namibia and Africa are left with fond memories of Castro's contribution to the liberation of southern Africa, in reference to the decisive battle of Cuito Cuanavale, during the civil war in Angola.

“The white minority regime of South Africa was defeated and forced to the negotiation table by the combined armed forces for the liberation of Angola (FAPLA) with the Cuban Internationalist Forces and the combatants of the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN),” he said.

Nujoma, who was in Henties Bay over the weekend, returned to Windhoek on Sunday to sign the book of condolences at the Cuban Embassy.

The memorial service for the former Cuban leader is expected to be held on Tuesday.

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