The Namibian Princess Adventures

Ndaponah Publishing House - Ndaponah Shikangalah

As the author and self-publisher of 'The Namibian Princess Adventures' published by Queen Ndaponah Publishing House, Shikangalah has recently harnessed her creative spirit to pen an original African tale featuring African characters for the African girl child.

Telling the sweet story of young Princess Ndaponah, the Oshiwambo guardian and rider of the Royal Flying Carpet, 'The Namibian Princess Adventures' is a glossy picture book that both educates and entertains with tales of princesses from all the tribes of Namibia who join Ndaponah on her mission to visit all the famed corners of the country.

With Damara, Herero, Batswana, San, Oshiwambo and many more royals joining Princess Ndaponah on her journey to the Finger of God, the Organ Pipes, the Quiver Tree Forest, the Zambezi, Etosha, the Skeleton Coast, Fire Mountain and the Damara Living Museum, the book offers intriguing information about each tribe's attire, special skills and enduring myths in a simple treatment that is all the more magical because it is true.

Boasting only female lead characters who wear their ondelela, musisi, otjikaiva and animal skins with pride, the book introduces young readers to stories like the making of the Otjikoto Lake and Africa's oral tradition within a simple adventure story that aims to foster national pride and curiousity in the young African girl child.

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