Miss Namibia 2012 finalists announced


The 15 finalists for the 2012 Miss Namibia Pageant were made public on Wednesday.
They are Ottilie Ambata, Emilia Ambondo, Claudia Haipya, Patricia Hanstein, Wilna Konjore, Alice Krenz, Grace Mangundu, Ndapewa Mattheus, Sylvia Nashipili, Maria Nepembe, Tsakana Nkandih, Monique Peters, Meriam Tawii, Yovitha Thomas and Melissa Ukarerani.
The crowning will take place at the Windhoek Country Club and Resort (WCCR) on 04 August.
Executive Director of the Miss Namibia Pageant, Conny Maritz, made the announcement in a media statement on Wednesday.
She said the media will again be responsible for choosing “Miss Photogenic”, and she will be announced during the crowning event.
One Africa Television will be running the short message service (sms) vote line for the Public's Choice Award.
Tickets for the crowning event will be on sale from 16 July at Lana Dry Cleaners shops in the Gustav Voigts Centre, Wernhill Park as well as in Maerua Mall, and Bio Sculpture Namibia in Square Park.
A ticket costs N.dollars 300 per person.


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