International youth meeting opens in Windhoek


A three-day International Youth Preparatory Meeting (IPM) for African Region started in Windhoek on Tuesday.

The meeting, which has attracted over 50 international and local youth and students, was officially opened by Swapo Secretary General Nangolo Mbumba at Greiter’s Conference Centre in Brakwater.

The meeting coincides with the general council meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), an international organisation that mobilises youth to strive for world peace, solidarity and social justice.

Mbumba said the Swapo Party accepted to host this meeting because the WFDY was an ally of the Namibian people during the struggle for independence and democracy, adding that the organisation also played a role as a meeting platform for world anti-imperialist and socialist youth.

“This meeting takes place at an opportune time, as the same forces of liberation, freedom, justice and international solidarity that warranted our unity in the post-World War two era, warrant us today to close ranks in order to resist the rising onslaught on our values and historical victories.”

Mbumba praised WFDY, saying it was a leading vanguard movement for progressive youth of the world.

He used the platform to call on those attending the meeting to discuss youth unemployment and under-employment, with the aim to give Swapo feedback so it can advise African governments to create opportunities for decent sustainable work.

“Nations such as Namibia are flooded with neo-liberal advice on subjects such as economic growth, transformation and youth unemployment. I trust this meeting will be an opportunity for you to give renewed impetus to face and overcome these and other global challenges,”Mbumba said.

WFDY president, Nikolas Papadimitriou thanked Namibia, Swapo Party and its youth wing, for showing zeal and support for the federation.

The meeting is attended by youth from different organisations from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

The youth will use the event to discuss activities that will take place during the World Festival for Youth and Students in 2017 in Russia where over 500 are expected to attend.



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