Fredericks Foundation gives scholarships worth N$ 59 000


The Frank Fredericks Foundation (FFF) handed over scholarships to six learners and students here on Monday.
“As a chairperson, I am proud that we can make a valued investment into young men and women today, who are not only talented on the sports field, but who have also resolved to pursue a sound academic career”, the FFF’s legendary Frank Fredericks beamed.
He said there is importance in balancing education with sports, and he is proud to know that some of the recipients are pursuing studies in engineering, accounting and science.
Financial assistance by the foundation is given to learners every year in order to help them with their academic work and their sporting careers.
Fredericks noted that his foundation is proud to have made a significant contribution to the development of sports and education in the country over the past 16 years.
Their largest financial assistance of N.dollars 20 000 was given to national golfer Gabriel Shikondi from the Erongo Region, who is ranked as the country's number one amateur golfer.
Shikondi is currently studying at the Polytechnic of Namibia, doing Introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in his first year.
“This is a big blessing, and will help me go far in my golf and academic career”, he said in thanking the foundation.
Fredericks said they are proud to have awarded Shikondi the financial assistance following a fundraising golf day hosted last October.
The foundation still has plans of hosting another fundraising golf day later this year with the aim to award more financial assistance to young talented sportspersons.
The FFF was launched in Windhoek on 7 April 1999.
Another beneficiary who is studying Finance and Accounting in his third year at the Lingua College is Franke Katanga, who received N.dollars 12 000. Katanga also thanked the FFF.
“If you get an opportunity like this, one needs to use it, and we promise Frank we won't let you down,” he noted.
13-year-old gymnast Jhundre Eiseb received N.dollars 5 000 for middle school, and Vi-Ally Basson, studying Introduction to Engineering at the Polytechnic of Namibia, received a financial boost of N.dollars 12 000.
Ismael Tjiramba, who also received a scholarship last year, benefited again this year with N.dollars 5000. Sune Engelbrecht received N.dollars 5000.
Fredericks explained that Katanga and Basson's boost comes after they have been participating in the FFF's community development initiatives in the Babylon informal settlements in Windhoek since 2012.
The famous sprinter then called on the scholarship beneficiaries to go back to their communities and assist in community work.
Fredericks said it will be a bonus for him to see the athletes also perform well in their academic work.



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