Rosalia Tyapa "Mama Rose"

Denzel Leroy //Naobeb

Rosalia Tyapa is a presenter with 20 years experience in broadcasting.

Mama Rose as she is affectionately known landed her first job as Radio Announcer at NBC Oshiwambo Service in Oshakati. She served the NBC Oshiwambo listenership for a year. After failing to win a contract renewal at the NBC, she was recruited by Energy100FM(then Radio Energy) to be part of a pilot team to anchor on air activities in 1996.

Mama Rose created and anchored "Power Pack", today known as "Onyika" in 1996.

DJ Jan "Die Laanie Vani Kasi"


Dj Jan is a professionally and qualified disk jockey with 22 years of experience.

Dj Jan was lucky enough to land his job as a DJ at Jacquelines Super club in South Africa 1995 (The oldest running brand night club in SA).
Dj Jan says that if he could do half the work Roger Goode does on his shows, he would be a millionaire! He admires Dj Fresh from 5fm as well. The Essential Lounge was always close to Dj Jan's heart especially back in the 2000's when Ruby the Dime still use to do it.

Dj is currently the production technician and anchors 2 shows which are:

a) Dance House Top 10

Mavis Pombili Braga Elias


Mavis Braga is a radio presenter and MC. She landed her first job in 2007 as a waitress in Oranjemund at the "EloElo" restaurant. Apart from the obvious (his abs, just in case we are not on the same page), she admires the way Ryan Seacrest can get any international personality on his radio show. She recalls the golden days of Charlie 100 and mimicking Uejaa with a brush in her bedroom while listening to them.

Mavis Braga currently anchors 1 show which is:
a) The Love Zone

Ragga Dancehall Top 10 with Dazzle

Elsabe Tibinyane

10. Gytption - Down In Deh
9. Patoranking - Love You Die
8. 2Kingz - Bend Down

7. David Lion - Cast Away
6. Kim Kelly - Alive
5. Macka Diamond - Shake

4. Iba Mahr - Get Up & Show
3. Stylo G - Yusimme Yard
2. Kalado - Adultery

1. Wizkid - Naughty Ride

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